Namaste and Welcome to Reiki Practice Builder.

My name is Garry Malone and as well as being a Certified Reiki Master Teacher since 1997; I have had the privilege of training more than 50,000 Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters in person and around the world via my Books and Best Selling Reiki Home Study Courses.

With more than 30 years Sales and Marketing experience including twenty of those years online; I wanted to take my Reiki training to a whole new level. Rather than just teach people Reiki and then leave them to fend for themself, I wanted to help new and existing Reiki Practitioners/Masters set up their own Successful Reiki Practice and School.

So I created Reiki Practice Builder to help teach and inspire Reiki Practitioners/Masters develop their own practices so they can spread Reiki to every corner of the planet; which will enable them to help so many more people through reiki and at the same time earn themselves a fantastic 5, 6 or even 7 figure income.