20 Affirmations for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual journeys are wonderful things. Our relationship with the higher divine power, whether to you that is God, the Universe or something else is truly one of the most precious relationships we will ever have.

Spiritual growth will means different things to different people, for some it may mean building a deeper relationship with the divine, or developing their innate spiritual intuition or awareness.  For others it can be developing spiritual gifts such as mediumship or simply wanting to live a life in greater accordance with our true spiritual selves.

If you’re on a spiritual journey you’ll know that spiritual growth isn’t something that you can rush, just like learning a new skill or exercising a muscle, it takes lots of small steps on the journey and a commitment to yourself to see results. Positive affirmations are a great way to stay motivated and send out your desires into the Universe to help you on this truly beautiful journey.

  1. I am at peace knowing that I am on my spiritual path.
  2. The Universe is conspiring to help me grow.
  3. Everything I need to grow spiritually is already inside me.
  4. I am a divine creation, full of the magic and majesty of the Universe.
  5. I am at one with my Spirit Guides, they help me grow.
  6. My Spirit Guides look out for me, guide and protect me always.
  7. My Crown Chakra is open and I receive divine inspiration.
  8. Everything that I seek in life is already seeking me.
  9. I am divinely and unconditionally loved and supported.
  10. My true purpose in life is revealed to me.
  11. The divine flows through every cell in my body.
  12. My body and soul are at one.
  13. I am divinely led and inspired.
  14. I claim my divine inheritance, it is my birth right.
  15. I learn and grow from my experiences.
  16. I trust that I am exactly where I need to be right now.
  17. I am at one with all living things.
  18. I am thankful for my relationship with the divine.
  19. I trust that everything will fall into place for me, in line with my higher good.
  20. I feel joy, purpose and meaning in my divine journey.


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