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Reiki Testimonial

Wonderful, Garry and Adele!  Thank you both so much! I really like your course materials.  I'm currently studying in Level II. Thank you for making this knowledge available by distance learning.  Before I found you, this teaching was out f my range. I have long...

Reiki Attunements

Reiki Attunements Hi Garry & Adele, During the Distant Attunement Session a feeling of total peacefulness full of healing energy opening wisdom and divinity deep within myself came over my entire body! Thank You for your support and sharing this healing energy...

Reiki Student Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Reiki Master course! I was attuned to Reiki I and II by a local Reiki master, but I did not learn nearly as much as I did with your home study materials! The distance attunement was a truly...

Reiki Master Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry, This morning was my attunement at 9:am eastern time/8 am central USA and I have to tell you that it was very nice. I put my Ipod on some very nice meditation music and focused on the 5 principles of Reiki as well as the symbols. I felt my hands...

Reiki Attunement Testimonial

Hello Gary and Adele: Today as I sat in receptive meditation, aligned with you and the Reiki portal of the Universe, I was delightfully pleased to experience a warming up within my body, waves of energy moving through, and sacred peace. I am honored by the journey I'm...

Testimonial | This course is great!

Dear Adele and Garry I began studying energy work a few years before I became a hypnotist. When working with clients, I found that a lot of old energy was being released by my clients during sessions, so I took Reiki Level I with a local practitioner. This was...

Reiki Course Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry Thank you so very much for this home reiki course.It truly shows what kind of people you are.You are into it to share a wondeful gift with people.that truly love it.and clearly you are there like Dr.Usui was to help the people and the...

Thank You | Reiki Testimonial

I have been a Reiki Master teacher for over five years. I have studied with various teachers in the USA. I have also studied with Adele and Garry. There compassion, love, dedication and teaching ability shines! I often when preparing for my own reiki classes go...

Reiki Course Testimonial

Hi Adele and Garry The classes are very detailed and I love the fact that sample photos are included. I am now certified as Reiki I and futhering my studies to become a Reiki Master. Thank you so much for showing me how to heal myself and others with Reiki. It has...

Reiki Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry I have extremely enjoyed the audio and video portion of the Reiki training.  It has helped me with my busy lifestyle, instead of reading I have the visual aspect of learning through the videos.  The best thing is that can also go back print out...