Reiki Student Testimonials

Just a Few of our Many Reiki Student Testimonials
Rob Hall


Linda Hampton


Chantal Cleland


Anna D. Canada


PC, Cairns Australia




CW, Australia


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Reiki Testimonial – Linda Hampton

Dear Adele and Garry I enjoyed the entire course, especially the attunements which were a wonderful personal experience. The home study course allows me to learn what I need to know and I felt  very relaxed with no rush because I was able to do things on in my own...

Reiki Testimonial – Wilf Borg

Good Day Garry and Adele, I would like to endorse your Reiki Course. Now approaching my 70th year I give you a quote from your Reiki second degree course manual. "The more I Learn, the more I Live." - Anon Thank you Both, Love and Light Wilf Borg...

Attunement Testimonial

Hi Adele and Garry Thank you. I wasn't sure what to expect from a distant attunement but I found it a very positive experience. Thanks again. Tara B. EIRE

Reiki Testimonial – Angela

Dear Adele and Garry I am very impressed with the 7-star information given in this Reiki home study course.  The  study materials are easy to learn and understand.  I feel as confident as I would if I attended a in-person workshop.  Thank you very much for this...

Reiki Testimonial – Chantal Cleland

Dear Adele and Garry Please may I take this opportunity of thanking you for your support, the wonderful course material, and inspiration as I studied the Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3 with you. Your website, and your course materials are informative, easy to understand,...

Reiki Testimonial – Texas USA

Dear Garry & Adele "I am a traveler on a spiritual path and journey of awakening, self-discovery and self-healing. This journey has connected me with key people and key modalities in the past year. I find the incredible opportunity offered by Garry and Adele is...

Reiki 1 New Course Testimonial

HI Garry & Adele Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful work you do, the new Reiki 1 course is amazing. I completed my Master Reiki course with you back in 2005 and have been practicing and teaching ever since, The gift of attunement you gave me then...

Reiki Testimonial

Dear Garry and Adele, Thank you for such a wonderful Reiki Program! So much great information and music. I am a Polarity therapist and love energy work, so naturally I was drawn to Reiki. I had my Reiki 1 & 2 in a class setting with attunements. I have to tell...


Dear Adele and Garry Thanks from the heart!!!! It was a great experience and big honour to be your student!!! Irina

Reiki Home Study Course Testimonial

Hi Gary and Adele, I am writing to say thank you for the online Reiki course you offer.  I first completed Reiki I in 1993  and then Reiki II in 1997 and although practicing Reiki had no desire to do Master Training.  On finding your course on line, my enthusiasm and...