Attunement Testimonial

Hi Adele and Garry

Thank you. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a distant attunement but I found it a very positive experience. Thanks again.

Tara B. EIRE

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  • Frank Weller

    Reply Reply 22nd June 2011

    Over the years, I’ve had many a ‘distant’ healing sessions. Quite frankly, MOST of them did nothing for me that I was able to perceive, while those that were effective worked really well. Even I was comfortable with the concept of a ‘distant attunemet’ from the get-go, I was skeptical with regard to the effectiveness of it. I had my Reiki 1 distance attunement just a few days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Shortly after the attunement was completed, my cat came on to my lap. I placed my hands on him with a specific intention to channel Reiki. Immediately upon the placement of my hands, he looked me right in the eye with the most appreciative look. He sat there contentedly for about 10 minutes, soaking up the Reiki, gave me another look of appreciation, then walked away.

    Frank Weller…Grand Junction – CO

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