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How to Book a Phone or Zoom Reading

Please read this page carefully before you Book a Phone Reading with Adele Malone!  

3 Simple Steps to Book a Phone Reading

There are 3 quick and simple steps to follow in order to Book a Reading with Adele Malone!  

1: Agree to Terms & Condition's

Please Read and Accept my Terms and Conditions of service, before proceeding with your phone or zoom booking. If you do not agree with my Terms and Conditions of service please do not book a reading.  

2: Book & Pay For Reading

Using the online live automated booking form below, please select your preferred day, date and time for your phone or zoom reading and then Pay for your Reading using your credit card or debit card. 

3: Booking Confirmation

Once your booked and paid for your phone or zoom reading, you will be able to add the booking details to your own personal online calender and then you will be automatically redirected to our booking confirmation page. 

Step 1 : Terms and Conditions

In order to Book a Reading with Adele Malone, you must first read and accept the terms and conditions below!

Please Read My Terms & Conditions of Service

By Booking your Phone Reading with Spiritual Medium Adele Malone you agree with the following:

Step 2 & 3 : Book and Confirm Your Reading

Please book the Day, Date and Time for Your Reading, add your contact details & Pay using your Debit/Credit Card. 

Spiritual Medium Adele Malone's Online Booking Form

Please begin by clicking on the Service drop down box to choose the reading you would like to book with Adele Malone 

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Video Instructions and FAQ's

Please watch the video below and read the FAQ's if you have any questions 


Where are you based? What time zone?


We are based in the UK – Time Zone GMT London. 

Our automated booking system will show you available time slots for your phone or zoom reading based on your LOCAL time. The system uses your IP address to work out which country and time zone you are located in. So when selecting the time slot you would like for your phone or zoom reading with Adele Malone, remember the available time slots you see are based on your local time zone.

If you are located outside of the UK, You DO NOT need to worry about what time is in the UK, as you will only see available time slots for a Reading with Adele that have been converted to your own personal local time zone.

Just book the day, date and local time you would like your phone or zoom reading, and our system will automatically convert the time zone and update Adele’s readings diary at our end.

You just need to focus on being ready and available on the day, date and time of your reading.

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