Certified Usui Animal Reiki Master Teacher

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Animal Reiki Master Training and Certification

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Animal Reiki Training

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Animal Reiki Training

No Previous Experience Required - we guide you from Beginner to Practising Expert

Animal Reiki Training

Add More Services to your Reiki Portfolio with Animal Reiki Sessions & Workshops

Imagine Being able to Work with Animals Everyday!

This course has Everything You Need to Study, Master and Practise Animal Reiki Confidently on Your Own Pets & Professionally on your Own Animal Clients

Animal Reiki training

Learn how to confidently prepare for, conduct and end a Professional Animal Reiki Session with Hands-on and Distant Reiki

Animal Reiki Training

Learn how chakra imbalances can affect an animal and how to interpret their behaviour to tailor a session to their needs

Animal Reiki training

Understand the practical considerations when working with animals & how to communicate with them intuitively during a treatment

Animal Reiki training

Learn how to attune animals to Reiki and also attune your own Animal Reiki Master students as part of your Holistic Practice

Your Course Curriculum

Broaden your Skills & Confidence

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – The Foundations of Animal Reiki

Module 3 – How Animal Reiki Works

Module 4 – Preparing to Treat Animals with Reiki

Module 5 – Treating Animals with Hands-on Reiki 

Learn Species-Specific Considerations

Module 6 – Animal Reiki with Dogs

Module 7 – Animal Reiki with Cats

Module 8 – Animal Reiki with Horses

Module 9 – Animal Reiki with Birds

Module 10  – Animal Reiki with Small Animals 

Advance your Knowledge

Module 11 – The Three Pillars of Reiki 

Module 12 – Reiki Symbols for Animal Reiki 

Module 13 –  Sending Animal Reiki Distantly 

Module 14 – Advanced Animal Reiki 

Module 15 – Reiki & Pets Crossing Over

Module 16 – Working with Rescue Animals & Animals in Shelters

Become an Animal Reiki Expert

Module 17 – Learn how to Attune an Animal to Reiki 

Module 18 – Learn how to Communicate with Animals 

Module 19 – Let’s Recap! Take the Course Quiz

Module 20 – Course Downloads & Special Bonuses

The most comphrensive Animal Reiki Training Home Study Course Out there

Who will Benefit From this Course?

Reiki is a beautiful gift that can provide incredible benefits to energetically-sensitive animals. It can help provide relaxation in stressful situations like a visit to the vet or ease pain with chronic conditions or species-specific issues. We can send Reiki distantly to our pets when we are away from them at work, or use Reiki to simply to comfort and connect with our pets on a deeper level. This course is for: 

Animal Reiki Training

Pet owners who want to holistically support the needs of their pets.

Animal Reiki Training

Any animal lover looking to deepen their connection and enhance their ability to care for animals.

Animal Reiki Training

Anyone who works with animals: dog walkers, competitive animal trainers, horse-riders, groomers, farmers, breeders, veterinary professionals, rescue workers, volunteer staff at shelters and kennels and therapy animal workers.

Animal Reiki Training

Reiki professionals looking to expand their Reiki knowledge and the breadth of their professional services in their Reiki business.

Animal Reiki Training

Animal Reiki Practitioners who are looking to become an Animal Reiki Master Teacher, and top up their knowledge and expertise.

Animal Reiki Training

Every time we work with animals, we benefit from the Reiki energy flowing through us!

Normal RRP $497 -Special Offer Coupon Applied

Animal Reiki Training

Have an impact on helping the animals of the world and the pets you care for

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Here's What Our Animal Reiki Students Are Saying

We are very proud of our positive feedback and reviews which inspire us to keep doing what we do.
I thoroughly loved this course. I looked forward to working on it daily especially during this time of Covid 19. It was very easy to follow and I also liked the extra videos as well. Thank you so much!
Suzanne W

Absolutely beautiful attunement, I teared up a few times and just let it release out what it needed to. Very strong energy. My one year old lab puppy stayed right at my feet this entire time? thank you so much. 

Nicole M

The content so far is amazing, I love the pictures and often when I’m doing this course I will get hot, so then I send it out to the animals on earth, its a peaceful but exciting feeling. 

Kathy M

I have been doing Reiki for many years including with animals. I discovered your program recently and love the content you offer. Excited to work through this program. I love learning more about animal reiki and am constantly acquiring more knowledge about this. Thanks for offering it. 

Mary N

I am excited about expanding my Animal Reiki knowledge…although I have taken several courses in Animal Reiki, I always learn something new from each course and insights that I may not have considered previously. I am an animal shelter volunteer, and also perform Reiki at a local horse rescue.  
Ellen Z

I am super excited to take this course and build upon the animal Reiki I have already been honored to participate in. This course looks amazing and I thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list of units and modules. I can’t wait to continue!
Angela W

I love the course, very easy to follow and was always looking forward to the next lesson….The course workbook is wonderful. It is great to put your own words to answer the questions and to write down your experiences of doing Reiki to different animals and situations. Thank you.

Denise P

I have had a passion for the animal kingdom since I was a little girl. I’m excited to be a part of your amazing course and look forward to continuing to be of assistance and help to the creatures of this planet, especially the fire affected animals here in my beautiful country; Australia. 
Michelle C

My attunement experience was amazing and it lasted 2 days. I felt a warm thread behind my spine cord and I was cooking! During the attunement, I saw colors in an orb but also lots of hands over my legs and shoulders but the most amazing part was that I felt a hug the very next day as it finished the work in me. 

Elizabeth B

The Reiki Store E-Learning Experience 

We put our heart and soul into creating courses that enable people to do their soul-work & have a positive impact on the lives of our students

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access so you can fit your training around your schedule and commitmentsLearn at your own pace with lifetime access so you can fit your training around your schedule and commitments

Course Workbooks to practise as you learn, with exercises and coursework to expand your skills

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access so you can fit your training around your schedule and commitments

Expert instructors with years of practical experience with practical guidelines for Reiki professionals

Support throughout your learning from 4 Reiki Masters, to help you grow and develop spiritually

On-the-go learning via your mobile, tablet or laptop so you can easily learn in those moments of downtime and quickly pick up where you left off

Bonus material and downloads to help with your study and enrich your learning experience

Normal RRP $497 -Special Offer Coupon Applied

What’s included?

On top of all your Reiki Training Materials you will get access to a huge range of Bonuses and Extras. 


20 Modules with over 160 short, easy-to-follow lessons so you can learn in your downtime or on the go!


Each module has a summary unit to review the information you’ve just worked through.


A 90-page Course Workbook which includes module summaries and practical learning exercises to help you work through the course content and practice new techniques.


Test your knowledge with a Quiz at the end of the course.


A distant Reiki Master Attunement Ceremony, which you can book when you are ready.


Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification


Bonus Video Vaults


Bonuses Section including 11 PDF printouts including helpful Chakra worksheets, template Client Waivers and Client Information Forms.

Normal RRP $497 -Special Offer Coupon Applied

Animal Reiki Training
Animal Reiki Training
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Certified Usui Animal Reiki Master Teacher

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Normal RRP $497 -Special Offer Coupon Applied

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for this course. Do I need to have a pet?
There are no prerequisites to this course, other than a passion for animals and an open mind – this course will take you from beginner to Animal Reiki Master level. You just need an internet connection to be able to view videos and download and open PDF documents.  You don’t need a pet to work through the training – we actual show you a lot of the skills you need using a toy dog! When you start to practise, you can work with pets of friends or family and send Reiki distantly to animals even if you aren’t able to get close to them. 
How do I edit the Reiki Manuals?

The Reiki Manuals were created in Microsoft Word, so they can be easily edited using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can use either the Free Open Office software or the Free Google Docs Software App.

What is the license for this course? Is this Personal Use Only?

Yes it is for personal use only. 

Will I be attuned as part of the course. What if i have already been attuned?
Your will receive a Distant Attunement to all 3 Levels of Usui Reiki by 2 Reiki Masters. Many of our students are already Reiki Masters and have been attuned already, but still like to book in an attunement session as an energy top-up, and really enjoy the experience. But it is totally up to you! 
Do Distant Attunements work?

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki. In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many students who have completed our Reiki home study course and received distant attunements from us, distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session. We provide this service because we believe that Reiki should be available to everyone,  without the need to attend pricey workshops and lengthy training programmes.

How much time do I have to complete my course?
You will be able to access your course material at anytime once you have purchased the course. We offer Lifetime Membership on all our Home Study Courses. This means you can study at your own pace, and there is no deadline for completion. 

The Reiki Store Mission

 As one of the very first online Reiki schools, The Reiki Store, has remained a leading voice in holistic health community for over two decades. In fact, a lot of the training content out there online today can be traced back to the original Reiki Training Course created by our Founders Garry and Adele Malone. 

Our mission has always been to spread the power of Reiki to change the lives of as many people as possible by making Reiki training more accessible to everyone.

The Reiki Store has continued to create quality distant learning courses and resources for their growing number of Reiki students since 1997.  Our family-run and heart-centred training school has expanded to help over 100,000 students on their path to Reiki Mastery, empowering Holistic Practitioners across the globe to reconnect with themselves and open their minds up to a more natural and holistic way of living. We can’t wait to be a part of your Reiki journey! Namaste. 

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Reiki Healing Association

*Please be aware that Reiki is a powerful energy therapy, but should never be used to replace or substitute medical or veterinary care by a licensed medical professional. Reiki works with the bodies natural healing systems to improve wellness on all levels, but never claims to cure illness or disease. The Practitioner is a channel for energy, and has no control over the outcome.