Crystals for Spiritual Growth, Protection and Healing

Crystals can be a fantastic tool to help on your spiritual journey. They can be a talisman of spiritual growth, protection and also healing.

There are many different ways that you can start using crystals and incorporate them into your everyday, for example you can place them in your living spaces or at your place of work, you can pop one in your bag or even wear them as jewellery so they are always close to you. You can also incorporate crystals into energy work such as Reiki or into your own spiritual practices.

Let’s explore some crystals that are believed to help bring about spiritual protection or help us to grow and develop spiritually.


Amethyst is a very special crystal. It is a powerful healer and is believed to help with spiritual growth. It is also thought to help protect against psychic attacks and negativity.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is known as the ‘Stone of Truth or Wisdom’ and is thought to help you find inner wisdom. It is thought to help those looking to develop spritiual or psychic gifts and boost psychic vision. It is also thought to help protect you from psychic attacks.


Selenite is thought to open your Crown Chakra. It is used to help you access higher realms of conciousness, so it’s a great crystal for spritiual growth and development.


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