FAQ’s: Certificate of Completion

Where do I download my Certificate of Completion?

You will find your Certificate of Completion on the final lesson page of your course. All you need to do is click on the mark as complete button at the bottom of the page to automatically generate your Certificate of Completion certificate with your name and the date you completed your course.

Then simply click on the certificate link as shown in the image below to create your downloadable Certificate of Completion in PDF format. Please see the screenshot below for further clarification.

Where can I download all of my Certificate of Completion certificates at the same time?

Once you complete one of our Reiki Store courses a Certificate of Completion will be generated and attached permanently to your Reiki Store Membership Profile.

If you enrol and complete several Reiki Store courses you may find it more convenient to download all of your Certificate of Completion certificates in one location.

To do this simply click on the My Account Login link at the top of any page to go to your Reiki Store Membership Profile page and scroll down to locate the courses you have enrolled in and have completed and then click on the Green Document Icon to open and download or print your Certificate of Completion certificate/s.

Please see the screenshot below for further clarification.