Healing Horses with Reiki

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Equine Reiki

Like so many of us within the field of Reiki, Emma was drawn to healing horses using Animal Equine Reiki Healing through a personal experience of pain and loss, when her beloved horse developed Cancer and subsequently died.

In this video Emma shares with us her experience of working with her herd of rescued horses and how her horses have been her greatest teacher with regards to Animal Equine Reiki Healing.

Emma points out how it is so important to appreciate that all Horses as well as Animals and People have their own personalities and ways that they prefer to interact when receiving Reiki Healing. This is a Key Point in the treatment of any Horse or Animal. You must get to know the Horse or Animal and build up a relationship over time with that animal so you can work safely with the animal and be in rapport with them when you are treating them with Reiki.

Establishing safe boundaries
Establishing safe boundaries, where they, the horse or animal can feel comfortable with you being close to them and they feel able to trust you implicitly as you perform a Reiki Treatment is extremely important. Animals can sense and pick up on any fear or anxiety you maybe feeling, so make sure you feel safe and confident in your abilities to treat the Horse or Animal you are working with.

We must always remember that even if you are working with your own horse that you have known for many years, they are still a wild animal, and you should always ensure that you are safe and focused in the moment with full awareness during the Reiki Healing Session.

If for any reason you do not feel safe during a hands on, up close and personal Reiki Healing Session with a Horse or Animal, retreat to a safe space and beam or send Reiki Distantly to the Horse or Animal.

No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.

Author Unknown

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