Just for Today I will not Worry – How can Reiki help with Stress?

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Using Reiki for Stress Management

Stress is extremely draining and debilitating, yet it has become a far too common feature of modern life.That’s why a lot of people are turning to Reiki for stress managment – as a powerful healing system that seeks to provide calm, balance and mindfulness when stress and anxiety strikes.

Learning to Relax

Stress and anxiety normally arise when an individual is fearful, uncertain, or full of worry about things that are happening around them. Reiki helps to ease both physical and psychological strain of stress by bringing back balance to the soul, mind and body.

By clearing and sending healing to the energetic systems that control the body’s physical, emotional, spiritual capacities, Reiki treatment can help an individual to relax, de-stress and calm their mind.

Reiki for Stress Management: How can Reiki relieve stress and anxiety

Reiki for Stress Management: How can Reiki relieve stress and anxiety

Approaches of Stress Reduction and Elimination

There are a number of approaches used in Reiki to remove and minimize tension. One approach is crystal healing, where crystals or crystal bowls are utilised to produce noises from relaxation. The crystalline sounds carry Reiki energy deep into the body to improve the relaxation process. The crystal sounds promote deep tension release.

Another method of Reiki for management is through recovery drumming where Reiki energy is channelled to a person’s body through a regular and relaxing a drum beat. The drumming helps to develop a deep, peaceful state as tension is alleviated.

Reiki self-healing for stress and anxiety

Many people find that finishing the day with a Reiki self-treatment can help to relax and unwind, releasing stress and tension from the day. Whilst a normal treatment would take one hour, many people find it hard to commit this much time to pausing – so setting aside 15 – 20 mins whenever you can after a long stressful day will provide more than enough time to bring your stress levels down.

We’ve listed a step by step guided Reiki meditation for alleviating stress. When performing this treatment it is good to picture a powerful gold light streaming from your hands right into your body, distributing along the refined energy paths, benefiting every cell and organ. Leave your hands at the certain location as long as it is comfy. It is typical to discover that the location of hand-placement becomes warm as the energy distributes.

1. Find a place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone and quiet any noise, although you may want to play some peaceful meditation music if this helps you relax. You may want to sit upright or find a position that is comfortable to you.
2. Put both hands over your eyes and breath deeply. This assists in the recovery of stretched eyes as well as stress migraines.
3. Relocate your hands round to the rear of your head and neck to send healing to and revitalise the mind.
4. Place your hands on either side of your neck. This focuses energy on the thyroid gland.
5. Next move your hands over your breasts to assist with lymph drain to help clear the contaminants from the body.
6. Relocate your hands down to the breast bone, with fingers over at the heart chakra. This aims to recover psychological stability.
7. Complete the session with your hands below the navel.
8. When you have finished your Reiki self-recovery session, open your eyes gradually. Sit silently for couple of minutes and breath in gratitude for all that sustains you in your life.

To learn more about the healing energy Reiki unlocks and how you can become a Reiki Master, click here for more information.

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