New Reiki 1 Video Home Study Course Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry

I just went through the new video lessons for Reiki I and I was totally amazed and completely engrossed in them.  I completed the whole thing in one night, and I was only on lesson 8 from the original format so this is a huge improvement because listening I could grasp everything more easily and the energy from your voice kept me focused and helped me capulate the meaning and gave me confidence I could do this very easily.

I have been practicing on myself and puppy and I have alot more energy to get through long days at work and home committments, I take care of my father who has been living with us for the last 6 years.  It is great having the opportunity to have him live with us since I lived 1,000 miles away for the previous 30 years or so.  When I am finished my 21 days of detoxification I will ventue to work on him and my husband and from there on a few friends who are waiting anxiously to have a session and from their I will follow my guidance.  I thank you for your continued support and determination to get this Universal Life Force as an easy and pleasant concept to grasp and learn.  I am trusting you will be offering this for the other levels of Reiki as well.  I was feeling a bit lost on the other format so this is a heaven sent and an answer to my prays.

Thank you, thank you! thank you!


Anna D.  From Canada

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