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Learn reiki

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Everything you need to become a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Complete Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 from the comfort of your own home with easy-to-follow guided study. Upon completion, you can teach and train others!

learn animal reiki

Usui Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Do you dream of working with animals? Learn how to channel Reiki energy to animals of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to help your own pets or work professionally this course is for you.

chakra healing master

Chakra Healing Master

Balance your chakras and balance your life. Chakra Healing Master will deepen your understanding of this powerful energy system and how you can bring balance and healing into your life.


Reiki Training Toolkit

RMT Premium Training Toolkit™

You can use our RMT Toolkit to create Everything you need to setup your own Reiki Workshops and Courses quickly and easily. Let these premium quality templates save you months or years of effort.

Zoom Training

Take Your Reiki Practice Online

Work from home using Zoom and connect with your Reiki students and clients. Harness the latest technology to hold virtual session, host live streams and webinars. Take your business global and create virtual products!

Reiki Expert Academy

Reiki Expert Academy™

Reiki Expert Academy Mentorship Program™ My step by step proven formula for turning your knowledge, experience and Passion for Reiki and helping others into your own highly successful and profitable Reiki Publishing Empire.

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Create and Brand with Canva

Discover how you can use Canva to create beautiful graphics and contents for your Reiki Practice, website and training courses with our FREE over the shoulder Video Training Course.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Create and Brand with Canva
Unit 1 Introduction to Canva
Unit 2 Pricing Options
Unit 3 Pricing Options
Unit 4 Profile and Settings
Unit 5 Brand Kit – Upgrade
Unit 6 Inviting Team Members
Unit 7 Template Designs
Unit 8 Designing From Scratch
Unit 9 Sharing Content
Unit 10 Editing Designs – Elements
Unit 11 Element Menu Text Elements
Unit 12 Background
Unit 13 Upload Your Content
Unit 14 Edit Designs, Other Content
Unit 15 Content Output, Download
Unit 16 Output to Presentations
Unit 17 Output to Social Media
Unit 18 Output to PowerPoint
Unit 19 Output Direct to Website
Unit 20 Conclusion

Module 2: Create and Brand with Canva Advanced Training
Unit 1 Module Introduction
Unit 2 Output to Business Cards
Unit 3 Output to Posters
Unit 4 Output to Flyer
Unit 5 Output to Postcards
Unit 6 Output to Invitations
Unit 7 Canva Pro Trial
Unit 8 Canva Pro Resize
Unit 9 Canva Pro Brand Kit
Unit 10 Canva Pro Animation
Unit 11 Canva Pro Image Access
Unit 12 Canva Folders and Storage
Unit 13 Transparent Backgrounds
Unit 14 Canva Special Fonts
Unit 15 Live Example Pinterest Pins
Unit 16 Example Business Cards
Unit 17 Facebook Event Cover
Unit 18 Example Instagram Post
Unit 19 Example YouTube Thumbnail
Unit 20 Conclusion

Module 3: Bonus Tips
Unit 1 Creating eBook Covers
Unit 2 Creating Infographics


Accepting Online Payments

Learn how to use Stripe to accept online Credit and Debit card payments whether you Practice Reiki locally or Globally with our FREE over the shoulder Video Training Course.

Course Curriculum

Accepting Payments with Stripe
1 – Module Overview
2 – Stripe Pricing
3 – Account Opening
4 – Business Settings
5 – Payout Settings
6 – Security Settings
7 – Stripe Checkout
8 – Setting Up A Stripe Pay Button
9 – Stripe Default Billing Settings
10 – Stripe Radar for Fraud
11 – Payments and Disputes Dashboards
12 – Balance, Payouts and Transaction Dashboards
13 – Customer Dashboard
14 – Products Dashboard
15 – Mobile Access to Stripe
16 – Invoicing Customers Through Stripe
17 – Integrating Stripe Gateway on Affiliate Networks
18 – Integrating The Stripe Gateway With Shopping Carts
19 – Stripe Internal Integrations
20 – Module Conclusion – Tracking

Accepting Payments with Stripe Advanced Training
1 – Module Overview
2 – Stripe Subscriptions
3 – Stripe and WordPress
4 – WordPress Customer E-Mails
5 – Stripe and Memberships Scripts – Wishlist Member
6 – Stripe and Page Builders – OptimizePress
7 – Stripe Integration with Form Builders
8 – Mobile In Person Payments with Stripe – Part 1
9 – Mobile In Person Payments With Stripe – Part 2
10 – Mobile In Person Payments With Stripe – Part 3
11 – Integration with Survey Monkey
12 – Integrations with Zapier
13 – Live Example – Creating A Product
14 – Live Example – Selling the Product Through Checkout
15 – Live Example – Invoicing for Personal Coaching
16 – Live Example – Doing A Live Event With Eventbrite
17 – Live Example – Live Event In Person Sale on Mobile
18 – Live Example – Integration of Autoresponder
19 – Live Example – Integration of Webinars
20 – Module Conclusion


Create Your Own Website

Discover how you can use WordPress to create and build your own professional Reiki website or Blog with our FREE over the shoulder Video Training Course.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: WordPress Training Toolkit
Video #1 – How to buy a domain name? (Part-I)
Video #2 – How to buy a domain name? (Part-II)
Video #3 – How to buy hosting?
Video #4 – How to perform site redirection?
Video #5 – How to change your nameserver?
Video #6 – cPanel Introduction
Video #7 – Creating email account from cPanel
Video #8 – Installing WordPress Manually
Video #9 – Installing WordPress in cPanel

Module 2: WordPress Training Toolkit Advanced
Video #10 – How to create and edit post with new WordPress editor?
Video #11 – How to create and edit Content with WordPress Classic Editor?
Video #12 – WordPress Dashboard -Overview
Video #13 – How to add Categories and Tags in your posts?
Video #14 – How to add Media to the WordPress Library and into Your Posts?
Video #15 – How to Add New Pages and Edit the Existing Pages in WordPress?
Video #16 – How to Edit and Delete Comments in WordPress?
Video #17 – How to Search and Insert WordPress Themes?
Video #18 – How to Customize Themes in WordPress?
Video #19 – How to Use WordPress Theme Editor?
Video #20 – How to Use WordPress Plug-ins?
Video #21 – How to set Menus in WordPress?
Video #22 – How to edit and set Widgets in WordPress?
Video #23 – How to edit User’s Profile and Add New Users in WordPress?
Video #24 – How to use WordPress Tools?
Video #25 – How to change Settings in WordPress?
Video #26 – How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress?
Video #27 – How to Use Gravatar in WordPress?
Video #28 – How to Add Videos and Images to Your Blog Posts?
Video #29 – Static Pages
Video #30 – Favicon
Video #31 – How to Install Google Analytics?