Reducing Stress and Anxiety: Why Adult Colouring Books Are Good For Wellness

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Reducing Stress and Anxiety: Why Adult Colouring Books Are Good For Wellness

Feeling stressed out? We’ve all been there. Sometimes our lives become hectic and overwhelming. It’s important to remember that stress, whilst incredibly uncomfortable, is a very common human experience. In fact a 2018 study found that within the space of a year 74% of people ‘felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.’ So whilst you certainly aren’t alone in feeling stressed or anxious, finding good coping mechanisms and ways to help alleviate stress really are important. Having those little self-care practices that you can go back to time and time again, like an old friend, that can help you gain relief and get through the tough times are so important to your overall wellbeing.

It’s good to try out a few different stress busters to find the ones that work for you. Perhaps it’s taking time out to cook a delicious meal, exercise, spend time in nature or getting creative with some arts and crafts. Colouring is considered to be a very soothing activity and indeed studies indicate that it can help with stress and anxiety.

What are the benefits of colouring?

Thinking about picking up the colouring pencils? There are a number of benefits of colouring- these include:

Better sleep

We know that screen time before bed can really affect our ability to have a good nights sleep, because the blue light emitted delays the release of our natural sleep hormone, melatonin.
Experts recommend cutting down on screen time before bed. Taking time out to unwind with another activity – such as colouring can help you have a better nights sleep.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Stress can really affect our lives and mental health. Colouring can help relax a part of the brain known as the amygdala – which is the part of the brain that activates when we are stressed. A 2005 study into the effect of colouring in mandalas found that anxiety levels declined.

It’s a form of meditation Often we think of meditation as the emptying of our minds, but some tasks can be meditative too. Think about the repetitive nature of knitting, cooking, painting or even walking. Colouring in is one of those meditative tasks that allows our mind to be in the moment and find inner calm. Carl Jung, considered to be one of the most influential psychiatrists of all time, believed that mandalas offered a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness. He noted that creating mandalas had a calming, focusing effect on his patients psychological states.

Helping to exercise your brain

Colouring in boosts activity in the brain. It activates both sides of your cerebral cortex – which is related to your coordination and motor skills. In taking some time to do some colouring, you are activating both the logical and creative sides of your brain. Colouring in also activates your frontal lobe – the part of the brain linked to problem solving and organization. Activating the frontal lobe helps you to focus and stay in the moment, which can be handy if you are trying to quiet and settle your mind.

Reiki Colouring Book

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