Reiki and Medication

Reiki and Medicine

People often asked us if they study Reiki with us or book a course of Reiki treatments with us if they can or should stop taking their medication. Our answer is always the same – ABSOLUTLELY NOT.

If you have been prescribed a course of medicine from your Doctor or Medical Practitioner, you should ALWAYS continue to take that course of medicine until your Doctor or Medical Practitioner tells you to stop taking the medicine or until you have completed the course of medicine. Always check with your Doctor or Medical Practitioner!

Reiki can and should be used to compliment traditional medicine.

For example; Lets say your Doctor has prescribed a pill that you must take everyday. You can Reiki the pill by holding it in your cupped hands for a minute or so and charge it with the universal life force. This can help to reduce or eliminate dangerous side effects or to boost the healing benefits of the medicine/drug.

You can also use Reiki on any vitamins tablets, minerals, or herbal supplements that you take on a regular basis. Reiki will boost the healing properties of these nutrients and potions in the same way it boosts the energy in food itself.

To save time, instead of performing Reiki on individual pills, potions and lotions each day; Reiki the whole bottle of pills or tube of lotion etc.

Another example for Reiki 2 Practitioners and above would be to project Reiki onto your Surgeon or Medical Practitioner before an operation or onto the chemotherapy drug bottle/bag just before you begin the treatment to help reduce the side effects and boost the effectiveness of the treatment. You could also visualise the sacred reiki symbols flowing alongside the chemotherapy treatment.

Remember: Always Check with Your Doctor or Medical Practitioner for advise on any medical condition.

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