Reiki Animal Treatment for Dogs and Cats

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As an Animal Reiki Practitioner, alot of your day to day work will be treating your clients pets with Reiki; especially family dogs and cats.
This video shows you how to approach and conduct a Animal Reiki Healing session with Pets that you are meeting for the first time, in your clients home.

Mary-Anne uses a gentle, open approach where she asks permission from the animal to accept the reiki treatment and permits the animal to decide when the Reiki Healing Session has been completed.

Like all Animals, domesticated pets such as Cats and Dogs are very aware of your energy as you enter their home or domain and it is important that in the initial few moments of the reiki healing session that you are calm and assertive, allowing the animal to feel comfortable with you and give them some time to accept your energy.

Working with Cats and Dogs is very intuitive and although there are suggested hand positions based around the animals Chakra’s you should be flexible and allow your hands to go where the reiki energy is needed. Remember, just as when working with a person, Reiki with its infinite wisdom will always go where it is needed. So stay in the moment and ensure that your intention for the Reiki Session is clear before and during the time you spend with the animal.

It is often a good idea to use the sacred Reiki symbols on the pet as well to increase the flow of the energy as the sessions can often be quite short. You can also use the Reiki Symbols to protect you and the animal and to clear the room or the area of any residual negative energy prior to beginning the Animal Reiki Healing Session.

Never force an animal to stay in one spot; and never restrain or tie them up, allow them to move around the room or area freely. Try to remain focused, present and aware of the animal’s body language and eye movement, even when in the beginning they may move around a lot, until they relax and become more submissive.

If the animal is too sensitive for a Reiki hands-on Session, you can always project or beam the Reiki Healing Energy to the animal. Remember even if the owner says their pet is docile and would never attack you, it is still a wild animal, so make sure that you Always work safely to avoid injury to you or the animal.

You will know when the Reiki Healing session is over because the animal will move away.

Reiki can also be use on smaller less domesticated pets like birds, fish, rabbits, reptiles and small creatures who are kept in cages by simply placing the hands around their cage and beaming the Reiki Healing energy with your hands and eyes to the animal.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

- Anatole France

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