Reiki Meditation: A Quick and Simple 5-minute meditation

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A Reiki Meditation is an amazing tool for some stress relief in those busy moments, with a lot of benefits for our mind, body and soul. There has been countless research studies about how mindful breathing and meditation can help to deal with stress, anxiety and anger and refocus your mind so you can take on the challenges of the day.

But how do you even begin to meditate? It can seem a little overwhelming at first – our minds are busy and it may seem like 5 minutes of quiet meditation may not be enough to help on a bad or stressful day. But any time you can steal back for yourself, will always be worthwhile! You just have to start small! Let’s walk through a simple meditation you can do in those precious moments of downtime.

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

1. First find a comfortable place for your Reiki Meditation

It is important to pick the right time and place for your meditation. Time wise, you want to make sure you have enough time to relax into the mediation – many people find a early morning meditation beneficial as it helps them start the day right. Ideally you want to find a place where you will be free of distractions and noise – away from phones, tvs, and chatter. If it helps you to switch off, you can play some calming music in the background or light a candle. Create a little sanctuary from the world for those five minutes – a relaxed environment that you can occupy calmly. You want to be able to keep you back upright during the meditation so find a chair or place a cushion on the floor.

2.  Relax your body

The next step is about getting into a relaxed position.  Sit upright with your back straight as this will help you with breathing as you begin to meditate, but don’t worry too much about the exact position.  Rest your hands wherever they feel most comfortable – by your side, in a prayer position or on you lap. When you get into this relaxed position, start to become aware of you body – the connection to the floor or the chair you are sitting on, the weight of your body, notice any areas of tension and relax these points as you breath gently.

3. Focus on your breath

It is important to always remember that you don’t actually need to change your breathing when you meditate – you just need to become more aware of it. In doing so you centre yourself in that moment – one breath in, one breath out, one breath in, one breath out. If you focus on your natural breathing pattern, that then other worries will slowly move into the periphery. Focus on the sensations of breathing – notice the body parts involved as you chest rises and deflates and your shoulder moves in harmony. Become aware of the air entering your body through your nostrils. Feel the rhythm.  When ever you get distracted always come back to your breathe.


Reiki Meditation


4. Be Patient with you thoughts throughout the Reiki Mediation

As you focus on your breathing your mind will naturally begin to wander. Don’t expect anything different, especially when you are just starting out. Thoughts will fly in and another will pile on out of nowhere and within a moment you are lost in these thoughts. The trick here is to allow these thoughts to come in, but return patiently to your breathing. You need to be patient with your mind. Some people find it easier to focus in on one thought if you are having too many, this may help to stay relaxed – perhaps chant a short mantra to yourself or focus on the flickering of a candle.

5. Reiki Meditation Visualisation

As you before more and more relaxed,  start to imagine a white light filling your body, travelling around every part of your body, encompassing your body in a pure healing Reiki light. Whatever way you can visualise or see this in your mind will work – whether you see the white light flowing like a river filling all the gaps like a wave coming into a bay, or imagine the sun’s rays expanding.

After 5-10 minutes of this peaceful reflection, begin to notice your body again and become aware of where you are. Thank yourself for taking the time to meditate. We like to end with Namaste.

“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.”
– J. Donald Walters

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