Reiki Meditation for Receiving

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Meditation

Many people especially those in the healing professions like Reiki; are able to give to others easily, but find it very difficult to receive anything for themselves in return. This Reiki Meditation for Receiving will help you to build up your levels of self esteem and worthiness; so you can become comfortable accepting everything that is lovingly given to you from the universe for your higher good. This meditation can be practiced daily.

Lets Begin…

Start by putting on some soft meditation music in the background to help set the ambience of the room and make it easier for you to become calm and relaxed. Now sit down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take several deep breathes. Become aware of the soft melodic tones of the music in the background as you begin to just let yourself go and completely relax, opening up to the idea of receiving lots of wonderful gifts, moments and experiences in the future.

As you continue to breathe deeply, gently rub your hands together to activate the healing light of reiki. Place your hands on your stomach and silently call upon reiki to draw close and ask that the Universal Life Force enters through your crown Chakra and fills every muscle, cell, tissue and organ of your body… Bathing you in its unconditional love and omniscient wisdom.

Visualize the Reiki Energy as a cloud of white light descending towards you. Notice in your mind’s eye as the cloud of pure reiki energy drifts on to your head. Feel the crown Chakra opening. Let your face relax, and sense the reiki energy moving down your body, opening each Chakra as it passes. Allow yourself to feel open and ready to receive. Breathe deeply several times.

Sense the flow of reiki throughout your body and as you continue to breathe deeply trust in reiki to bless you and keep you safe.

Now imagine yourself walking along a pathway with your spirit guide, or a love one or maybe even a close friend or pet.

Breathe deeply and let your guide or companion take you to a place of their choice.

Breathe slowly and deeply as you survey the scene. Ask them to give you something. Notice what they give you and allow your mind to interpret the symbolic meaning of this gift. If you cannot grasp the symbolic meaning of the gift, ask your guide or companion for its meaning.

Continue to breathe deeply and become aware of any feelings that may arise as a result of this gift and your new understanding. Take this gift and place it into your heart chakra and allow it to fill you with love and understanding.

If you become emotional or tears begin to form; allow the emotion and tears to flow removing any blockages or self doubt from your entire being.

Breathe and relax, and as you continue for a few more moments in quiet meditation and reflection, make a firm promise to allow yourself to be open to receive again and again in the future.

Let your guide or companion gently lead you back to an awareness of your physical body. Breathe slowly and evenly.

Thank your guide or companion in your mind’s eye for the present you have received and allow them to close your major and minor Chakras for you. When you feel they are closed, move your body gently and when ready, open your eyes and stretch.

Keep records of all your reactions to the meditation for appraisal at a later date.

Note: With practice, the ability to receive will grow easier. It will also become easier to receive in everyday life, which also makes giving easier.

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