Reiki Meditation for Self Healing

If you are suffering from a minor ailment or physical injury, this Reiki Meditation can help you to heal yourself. Practicing this Reiki Mediation for Self Healing will enable you focus and draw the Universal Life Force Energy into every muscle cell and tissue of your body so you can repair, revitalize and re-balance the affected area and bring about the restoration of health and well being.

This Reiki Meditation for Self Healing is best performed while lying in your bed in the evening just before you go to sleep.

How to Perform the Reiki Meditation for Self Healing

Get into bed and bring the bed covers up so you are warm and comfortable. Gently close your eyes and allow yourself to just let go and completely relax.

Take a deep breath and silently intone your Reiki Invocation or prayer that will connect you with Reiki the Universal Life Force. For example you may recite “I call upon Reiki the Universal Life Force, all the angels and my guides to draw close and participate in this sacred self healing session to bring about the necessary repair, revitalization and re-balancing of my mind body and spirit, so that my (insert ailment or injury) e.g. sore neck can be healed and returned to full working order”.

Place your hands on the affected area (e.g. your neck). Remember Reiki will go where it is needed so if you are unable to place your hands on the affected area because you cannot comfortably reach the spot while lying down in bed, then simply rest your hands on your stomach.

Now continue to breathe deeply and focus your mind on the area to be healed.  Sense how the ailment or injury feels, picture the affected area and notice or imagine what it looks like. See the color, the texture and the shape of the ailment or injury in your mind’s eye. For example, you may sense a swelling several times larger than it is or an open wound seemingly more serious than it really is.

Continue to breathe slowly and mentally explore the area to be healed.  Now sense the white light Reiki Healing Energy entering your crown chakra and beginning to flow through your body towards the affected area. Imagine it enveloping the ailment or injury with healing white light; see it in your mind’s eye seeping into to every muscle cell and tissue of the affected area. Observe as the healing white light of Reiki bathes your ailment or injury with beautiful healing energy. Notice how the ailment or injury begins to shrink or change color or shape or even disappears completely.

Remain in quiet meditation until you intuitively sense that the healing session is over. Thank your guides, angels and the Reiki Universal Life Force energy for participating in the self healing session and for its unconditional love and omniscient wisdom.

Finally, continue to breathe deeply and allow yourself to drift off to sleep; so that the repair, rejuvenation and the re-balancing of your mind body and spirit can continue to take place on a deeper unconscious mental, physical and spiritual level.

Note: If you are having difficulty focusing on a single area; then simply visualize or imagine your entire body from the very tips of your toes to the top of your head being filled with the healing white light of reiki energy and just allow reiki with its omniscient wisdom and love go wherever it is needed to bring about healing.


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