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Welcome to RPB Tips – Module 1

In module one we are going to establish your baseline, your current position in terms of your own reiki practice. We are then going to create a clear vision of how your want your reiki practice to develop and what goals you have for your reiki practice both from a financial and a spiritual perspective.

Once we know where you are right now and where you want to get to we can begin the journey to the creation and development of a thriving successful reiki practice.

I should point out now, that although we are going to be working on the creation and development of a reiki practice, you can of course use this information and these techniques to build any business.

So if you practice more than one form of healing modality or run another completely different business enterprise you will still be able to adapt what you learn on this course to succeed in any business enterprise.

Please click on the link below to begin Module 1 Lesson 1 Now!

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Follow Your Dreams

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Copyright Notice | Personal Use Only

Please Note: All the material contained within the Reiki Store Members Area is Copyrighted Material. It can only be used by you for personal use. You do NOT have permission to share, copy or resell any of our Reiki Video Home Study Course Material.

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