Free 5 Part Video Home Study Training Course
“How To Build Your Own Dream Reiki Practice”

How To Build Your Own Dream Reiki Practice

Build Authority | Attract Clients | Earn Passive Income | Create Your Legacy

Module 1

Dream Reiki Practice

In Module 1 we will look at the importance of mindset, planning, preparation and the creation of a crystal clear vision of what your future Dream Reiki Practice will look like.

Module 2

Building Authority

In Module 2 we will look at the how you can build Authority as a Reiki Practitioner and discuss the techniques you can use to become the Go-To Reiki Expert both locally and globally.

Module 3

Attract More Clients

In Module 3 we will look at the how you can attract an abundance of Reiki Clients and Reiki Students to your Dream Reiki Practice using free and paid marketing techniques.

Module 4

Passive Income 24/7

In Module 4 we will look at how you can turn your passion for Reiki and helping others into your own best selling Reiki Products and Services and publish and sell them offline and online.

Module 5

Creating a Legacy

In Module 5 we will look at how you can make a positive impact on the world through your work and actions and in the process create a lasting legacy that will add purpose and passion to your life.

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