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What You Will Learn

Everything You Need to Practice and Teach Reiki Professionally online using Zoom and other Video Streaming Platforms

Learn how to use Zoom and other Streaming Services to Practice Reiki Live distantly with your Reiki clients around the world

Learn how to connect with a new online Global Audience of future Reiki students interested in learning Reiki from home

Learn how to accept secure online Payments from your online Reiki clients and Reiki students globally using PayPal

Learn how to better manage your time and work more efficiently and productively from home with your Reiki clients and students

Your Course Curriculum

13 Modules with Easy-to-Follow over the shoulder Video Training Lessons: Build your Confidence working from Home with a new Global Audience of Reiki Clients and Reiki Students using the Latest Streaming Technologies like Zoom

Module 1 - Introduction

Module 2 - How to Get Started Quickly with Zoom

Module 3 - Advanced Zoom Features

Module 4 - Video Streaming

Module 5 - Advanced Video Streaming

Module 6 - Live Streaming on YouTube

Module 7 - Advanced Live Streaming on YouTube

Module 8 - Accepting Payments With PayPal

Module 9 - Advanced PayPal Payment Solutions

Module 10 - How to be More Efficient & Productive

Module 11 - Work From Home Productivity

Module 12 - Effective Time Management

Module 13 - Conclusion

Normal RRP $147 – Special Limited Time Offer

Module 1

Introduction to Taking Your Reiki Practice Online

To help you get the most from the course, we begin by looking at the types of Reiki products and services that you can deliver online using services like Zoom. Once you have a clearer idea of what’s possible and you have a list of the Reiki products and services that you want to take online, the following modules and training units will show you how to take your own Reiki Practice and Reiki Workshops online, so you can open up your Reiki Practice to a new global audience and the potential of a long term sustainable Reiki business that meets you spiritual and financial goals and targets.

What you will learn in Module 1

Unit 1: Course Overview

Unit 2: How To Get The Most From The Course

Unit 3: Define Your Reiki Products And Services

Unit 4: Refine Your List of Products and Services

Unit 5: Finalize Your List and Service Fees

Unit 6: Set Goals To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Unit 7: Market And Promote Your Online Reiki Products And Services

Unit 8: Practice Drill And Rehearse

Module 2

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to deliver Live Reiki sessions and Training workshops with your own Reiki clients and Reiki students – either by video or audio-only or both. Zoom can also be used to record those online sessions to view or share later with your Reiki clients and Reiki students. When you master the basics of Zoom you will soon become aware of the potential to run online Reiki training courses and even use the recorded training sessions to create your own future Reiki home study courses. In this module you will learn everything you need to know to master the basics of using Zoom. to take your Reiki Practice online and open up a new global Reiki audience.

What you will learn in Module 2

Unit 1 – Introduction to Zoom

Unit 2 – Module Overview

Unit 3 – Zoom Quick Start

Unit 4 – Plans and Pricing

Unit 5 – The Zoom Desktop Client

Unit 6 – Update Your Zoom Desktop Client

Unit 7 – Zoom Desktop Client – Working with Contacts

Unit 8 – Zoom Desktop Client Interface

Unit 9 – Zoom Client – General Settings

Unit 10 – Zoom Desktop Client – Video Settings

Unit 11 – Zoom Desktop Client – Other Settings

Unit 12 – Zoom Desktop Client – Recording Settings

Unit 13 – Zoom Cloud Account Settings

Unit 14 – Zoom Cloud Account – Settings – Meeting

Unit 15 – Zoom Cloud Account – Settings – Meetings Basic

Unit 16 – Zoom Cloud Account – Settings – Meetings Advanced

Unit 17 – Zoom Cloud Account – Settings – eMail Notifications

Unit 18 – Zoom Cloud Account – Settings – Recordings

Unit 19 – Managing Your Zoom Recordings

Unit 20 – Meeting Flexibility

Unit 21 – Setting Up a Meeting

Unit 22 – Process Start to Finish

Unit 23 – The PowerPoint Presentation Process

Unit 24 – Module Conclusion

Unit 25 – BONUS – Zoom Meeting – The Customer Perspective

Unit 26 – BONUS – Zoom Mobile Meeting – The Customer Perspective

Module 3

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with Advanced Zoom Features

Once you have mastered the Basics of the Zoom Platform, it’s time to move on to the more advanced features of Zoom that could help you to develop your online Reiki practice and Reiki training workshops even further with integration of Zoom with your online Calendar System as well as connection to an Auto-Scheduling system. You will also learn how to connect Zoom to Your Facebook Group and has to use Zoom to deliver a Webinar On Your WordPress Website and Broadcast Meetings and Webinars On Twitter and Multiple other online Locations Simultaneously.

What you will learn in Module 3

Unit 1: Overview – Advanced Zoom Processes

Unit 2: Zoom and Basic Calendar Applications

Unit 3: Connect Zoom to A Cloud Based Automated Calendar System

Unit 4: Connect Zoom To A Cloud Based Scheduling System – Part 2

Unit 5: Connect Zoom To Your Facebook Group

Unit 6: Embed Your Zoom Webinar On Your WordPress Website

Unit 7: Broadcast Meetings and Webinars On Twitter

Unit 8: Broadcast to Multiple Locations Simultaneously

Unit 9: Add a Customer To Zoom After An Affiliate Purchase

Unit 10: Conclusion And The Customer Perspective

Unit 11: BONUS – Customer Perspective – Invited To A Zoom Webinar

Module 4

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with Live Video Streaming

In module 4, You’ll discover How You Can Start Live Streaming with Minimum Equipment, Software and Technical Know How. You will learn the Minimum Viable Equipment you’ll need to stream video successfully to your Reiki clients and students and some of the best streaming services available to you such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet and Streamyard as well how to stream live to your social media channels like YouTube and we’ve also included a Special Bonus Webinar which shows you How to Create Excellent Presentations for Your Live Stream.

What you will learn in Module 4

Unit 1: Module Overview

Unit 2: Use Cases – Public or Private

Unit 3: Minimum Viable Equipment – Mobile

Unit 4: Minimum Viable Equipment – Personal Computer

Unit 5: Minimum Viable Equipment – Presentation Software

Unit 6: Minimum Viable Equipment – Lighting

Unit 7: Skype – Individual Stream

Unit 8: Skype Meet Now

Unit 9: Skype Meet Now – Customer Experience

Unit 10: Skype Streaming From Mobile

Unit 11: Zoom Meeting

Unit 12: Zoom Mobile Experience

Unit 13: Zoom Desktop Recordings

Unit 14: Google Hangouts Video Call

Unit 15: Google Meet

Unit 16: Google Meet – Part 2

Unit 17: Google Meet Mobile

Unit 18: Streamyard As a Cost Effective Solution for Broadcasting

Unit 19: Streamyard

Unit 20: Mobile Connections Similar to Streamyard

Unit 21: Streaming To Social Networks

Unit 22: Using YouTube As A Live Host

Unit 23: Module Conclusion

Unit 24: Bonus – Ellen Finkelstein – How to Create Excellent Presentations for Your Live Stream

Module 5

Advanced Live Video Streaming

In Module 5, we are going to look at some of the more advanced features you can use with Live Streaming Video in seven mini video workshops including The Follow Up Process, how to perform Multi-Streaming, how to create Content from your live Video Streams and how to monetize your Live Video Streaming events. We also look at how to setup the best lighting for your Live Video streaming events with Lighting Expert Ray Lane.

What you will learn in Module 5

Unit 1: Follow Up

Unit 2: Multi Streaming

Unit 3: Content Creation

Unit 4: Content Creation – Part 2

Unit 5: YouTube Considerations

Unit 6: Monetization

Unit 7: Lighting with Lighting Expert Ray Lane

Module 6

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with YouTube Live

In Module 6, you will discover how to Quickly and Easily Launch your own YouTube Live Streaming channel to captivate and engage with your Reiki clients and Reiki Students. YouTube Live makes it possible to broadcast live Reiki events which you can then save and upload to your YouTube account or download and use for video content in the future creation of your own Reiki training courses. Anyone can use YouTube Live, all you need is a Google account. There are so many benefits to using YouTube LIVE to build and grow your Reiki Business and if you’re not using YouTube Live at the moment, then you could be missing out on access to a free Global Audience interested in Reiki.

What you will learn in Module 6

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Module Overview

Unit 3 Minimum Equipment Needed for Desktop Streaming

Unit 4 Equipment Not Required But Good to Have

Unit 5 Equipment Not Required But Good To Have Part 2

Unit 6 Creating An Account

Unit 7 Channel Status and Features

Unit 8 Setting The Upload Defaults

Unit 9 Setting Up the Branding

Unit 10 Creating an Associated Website

Unit 11 Private Vs Unlisted Vs Public

Unit 12 Going Live From Your Desktop

Unit 13 Using the Events Tab

Unit 14 Advanced Info and Settings for Live Streaming

Unit 15 Google Hangout Settings

Unit 16 Google Hangout Left Margin Tools

Unit 17 Starting the Hangout for Live

Unit 18 Google Slides-Alternative to Using Chat

Unit 19 Re-stream For Facebook Live and YouTube Live Simultaneous Streaming

Unit 20 Streaming Through Mobile

Unit 21 Module Conclusion

Module 7

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with Advanced YouTube Features

In Module 7 You’ll Learn How to Broadcast live from your computer screen, how to work with multiple things at once to save time, the different techniques involved in creating engaging live videos, useful tips to become more productive when using YouTube Live, as well as some hidden features within the YouTube Live Streaming service to speed up your work flow and video projects and how to integrate your work with other applications so you can work smarter and accomplish more each day.

What you will learn in Module 7

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Module Overview

Unit 3 Your Direct Shareable Link

Unit 4 Embedding Your Live Stream

Unit 5 Embedding Your Live Stream on Social Media

Unit 6 Excerpted Videos On Social Media

Unit 7 Channel Promotional Tools – Part 1

Unit 8 Channel Promotional Tools – Part 2

Unit 9 Creating A Channel Trailer

Unit 10 Create a Subscribe Link

Unit 11 Blurring Out Information In Your Recording

Unit 12 Thumbnails

Unit 13 End Screens

Unit 14 Cards

Unit 15 Subtitles and Closed Captions

Unit 16 Setting Up Playlists

Unit 17 Advanced Settings and Increased Viewers

Unit 18 Community Subscriptions

Unit 19 Adding Audio

Unit 20 Channel URL

Unit 21 Module Conclusion

Module 8

How to Accept Payments from Clients with PayPal

In Module 8, you will learn 1) How to create an account with Paypal 2) How to configure all the settings properly with all vital information 3) How to set up a bank account and a credit card to receive money 4) How to work with Paypal interface and features 5) Learn about the multiple types of Paypal account levels 6) How to set up your first payment button and place it on your website 7) Learn the best practices of Paypal to prevent a shutdown 8) What you need to have on your website to stay within Paypal policies 9) How to look professional and keep your account safe, and so much more…

What you will learn in Module 8

Unit 1 Module Overview

Unit 2 Account Fees and Account Types

Unit 3 Terms of Service

Unit 4 Account Opening

Unit 5 Profile Account Settings – Part 1

Unit 6 Profile Account Settings – Part 2

Unit 7 Profile Account Settings – Part 3

Unit 8 Funding Account Set Up

Unit 9 Setting Up Payment Preferences

Unit 10 Adding Funds To PayPal

Unit 11 Requesting Funds Through PayPal

Unit 12 Transferring Funds With PayPal

Unit 13 Sending Funds with PayPal

Unit 14 Mobile App Set Up

Unit 15 Making Payment with PayPal

Unit 16 Business Set Up – Sending Invoices

Unit 17 Business Set Up – Selling on a Marketplace

Unit 18 Business Set Up – Selling on Your Website

Unit 19 Getting Help from PayPal

Unit 20 Module Conclusion

Module 9

How to Accept Payments from Clients with PayPal Advanced Features

Building on what you have just learnt in Module 8, we now go on on to cover some of the more advanced features of PayPal that will help you to take your online Reiki practice to the next level. PayPal Here is a mobile payment solution that lets you accept multiple forms of payment simply and securely, wherever your business takes you. With that flexibility, PayPal Here can help you increase your customer base and make more sales. We also look at various ways to integrate PayPal into your business.

What you will learn in Module 9

Unit 1 Module Overview

Unit 2 Set Up PayPal Here

Unit 3 Set Up PayPal Button(s) – Part 1

Unit 4 Set Up PayPal Button(s) – Part 2

Unit 5 Set Up PayPal Button(s) – Part 3

Unit 6 Setting Up Funnels with PayPal

Unit 7 PayPal and Autoresponder Integration

Unit 8 Direct Connection to Autoresponders

Unit 9 Direct Connection to Webinars

Unit 10 Direct Connection to WordPress

Unit 11 Direct Connection to Membership Platforms – Part 1 WL

Unit 12 Direct Connection to Membership Platforms – Part 2 AM

Unit 13 Integration with Zapier

Unit 14 Integration with Autoresponders through Zapier

Unit 15 Integration with GoToWebinar

Unit 16 Live Example – Create a Product

Unit 17 Live Example – Integrate with WordPress

Unit 18 Live Example – Integrate with Autoresponder

Unit 19 Live Example – Integrate with Webinar

Unit 20 Module Conclusion

Module 10

Bonus 1 – How to be More Productive and Efficient

Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money”? It’s true—time is a valuable commodity that, once used, can never be replaced. Many people end up kicking themselves because they lose valuable time by not planning their day correctly. In this Bonus 9-Part Video Course, you will discover How to Effectively Manage Your Time and Plan Your Day Right – Starting Today! This video course was designed to help improve your time management skills with helpful easy-to-follow tools and techniques!

What you will learn in Module 10

Video #1 – Introduction. Before we dig deeper into the video course, it is important that you are in the right mindset and know exactly what to do as this will make implementation faster and easier. In the first video, we will set the tone for the rest of the course and you will be first given a quick overview of each of the video topics.

Video #2 – What Does Your Every Day Really Look Like? A lot of people simply go through the motions without really paying attention to the actual amount of work they’re doing versus the time they have available in a day. Therefore, I will show you how to properly assess your day in order to really see what your everyday looks like and if you are effectively allocating your time to what matters.

Video #3 – Your High and Your Low. Now that you have an idea of what your everyday looks like, it’s time to determine your ‘high’ and ‘low’. Your ‘high’ refers to when you are the most productive, while your ‘low’ refers to you when you are least productive. In this video, you will discover that having an understanding of your ‘high’ and ‘low’ moments can significantly improve your time management skills.

Video #4 – The Truth about Multitasking. The ability to multitask is a common trait that many people believe is good to have. But how exactly does multitasking affect your productivity? If you consider yourself a multi-tasker, or if you aim to be a multi-tasker, then this video will show you the truth about multitasking, as well as provide you with proven techniques to get you on track to speeding up your tasks the right way.

Video #5 – Time Management Tools. There are several time management tools available to help you manage your time more effectively. In this video, we will going over the best time management tools that we have tested.

Video #6 – Pomodoro Technique Timers. Pomodoro is a proven and effective time management technique that can help boost your productivity. In this video, you will learn more about how the technique works. We will also show you how to access and use the best Pomodoro tools out there.

Video #7 – Automate Your Tasks. Automation makes life ten times easier. From the simplest chore to the most technical matters, we will show you ways to automate your tasks so that you have less to worry about and less to get done.

Video #8 – Automating Your Email. Does your inbox have more than 1,000 unread or uncategorized emails? Email management is one of the top problems people struggle with from day to day. In this video, we will dig deeper into different ways you can automate your email and free up your time.

Video #9 – Automating Twitter and Facebook Posts. Nowadays, growing your business is usually associated with social media. However, with the loads of tasks you have to deal with every single day, managing social media site can bury you in extra work. The solution? Learn how to automate your Twitter and Facebook posts.

Module 11

Bonus 2 – Working From Home More Productively

Discover How To Stay Productive Working From Home and Develop Your Mind For Success. Working from home has the potential to be amazing, but for many of us, that’s not how the story goes. Working from home means there is no commute. It means that you can simply role out of bed and be in your office. It means that you can work in an environment that you designed, surrounded by things that you find inspiring. And of course, it also means that you get to decide when and how you work.

What you will learn in Module 11

Unit 1 5 Tips for Avoiding Procrastination

Unit 2 How to Create a Highly Productive Work Environment in Your Home Office

Unit 3 How to Create a Strict Routine When Working From Home

Unit 4 How to Deal With Loneliness and Social Isolation When You Work From Home

Unit 5 How to Deal With Small Tasks and Prevent Overwhelm

Unit 6 How to Enter and Stay in a Flow State When Working From Home

Unit 7 The Perfect Morning Routine for a Productive Working Day

Unit 8 The Top Tools and Apps for Getting More Work Done From Home

Unit 9 These 5 Hacks With Make Working From Home Much More Enjoyable

Unit 10 Why You Should Tackle the Biggest Challenge First

Module 12

Bonus 3 – Effective Time Management Strategies

How To DOUBLE Your Productivity With These Simple and Effective Strategies. So you can experience exponential income growth and get more things done quickly with less efforts. You’re about to discover the time-management formula that will double your productivity, manage your time better, and accomplish more than you could ever imagine.

What you will learn in Module 12

Unit 1 Introduction

Unit 2 Get to know yourself

Unit 3 Define Your Goals

Unit 4 How Productive is your Environment?

Unit 5 Develop Your Skills

Unit 6 The People Around You Matter

Unit 7 Personal Time Management

Unit 8 Managing People Around You

Unit 9 Easy Tricks to Greater Time Management

Unit 10 Conclusion

Module 13

Taking Your Reiki Practice Online with Zoom is Just the Beginning

Taking you Reiki Practice and Reiki Workshops Online using Zoom and other Video Streaming platforms is a great way to open up your Reiki Practice to a new and much wider Global Audience of potential clients and students looking for the type of Reiki products and services you defined in Module 1. In the conclusion to this course we will look at the unlimited potential and sustainability of working online and how you can add to your portfolio of Reiki products and services and how you can earn multiple streams of passive income helping even more around the world through your work with Reiki.

What you will learn in Module 13

Unit 1 – Congratulations – What Next?

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