Reiki Student Testimonial

Dear Adele and Garry,

Thank you and I feel the need to write to you.

I am very new to Reiki and am just learning.  Last night during the attunements I experienced the following –

First I felt a slight pressure around my stomach area and then I felt an incredible warmth go right through my body.  I saw a white shiny flickering light which came and went throughout the whole time  A couple of times it felt that my lower body wanted to rise off the bed.  I then had a shivering and tingling going up and down my body.  There was at one time a slight pressure around my thighs.  I also experienced my legs at different times twitching and then each arm and hand done the same.  Last night in bed I noticed the odd pain in certain areas of my body especially areas of my lower and mid-back.

I feel incredibly light today. Yesterday I had a lot of tension in my shoulders and back which were aching and today that has gone.  My sinuses were also hurting and today they are so much better, is this possible?  I feel very different, calm, a little emotional at times and very thirsty 🙂

I wanted to ask if I should do the attunements at certain intervals or is this done just once?  I am very keen to pursue a career in this.  I go over to the UK and stay in Bedfordshire so I would even like to attend some of your workshops now and again in Hertfordshire even though I am doing the homestudy course, I am now very keen to get on with that.

Thank you

Susan P. Spain

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