Reiki Testimonial – Texas USA

Dear Garry & Adele

“I am a traveler on a spiritual path and journey of awakening, self-discovery and self-healing. This journey has connected me with key people and key modalities in the past year. I find the incredible opportunity offered by Garry and Adele is another building block and benchmark for me on this path.

I have a passion for animal rescues.  In addition to learning to lovingly pass on the gift Reiki to myself and my family, I am gathering skills to use in communicating health, healing and safety to my animal family, future rescues and charges.

Living in an area where such modalities of alternate therapy are sparse, this online course is an invaluable option. It provides excellent lessons and lends itself to self-paced learning. The prospect of studying and acquiring all levels to Reiki Master in this manner is priceless.

I thank you, and my future encounters thank you!”

Rebecca Givens-Bickerstaff

Central Texas, USA

Rebecca and Ray Bickerstaff

Executive Directors with IGNITE

“Turning energy into income!”

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