Ways Animal Reiki Can Help Your Pets

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Animal Reiki, Equine Reiki

Ways Animal Reiki Can Help Your Pets

Animal Reiki is a great tool for any pet owner. It can truly be a great way to help relax your pets and strengthen your bond with them. Let’s look at some of the ways Reiki can help your pets.

  1. Helping your pet to relax

Reiki can be a fantastic way to help your pet to relax and be calm. This can be particularly helpful in situations that your pet typically finds stressful, such as a visit to the vet or if there are fireworks or loud noises outside. You can also incorporate Animal Reiki into those everyday moments such as helping your pet to relax whilst they are cuddled up on your lap in the evening.

  1. Helping pets with chronic illnesses

Receiving the diagnosis from your vet that your pet has a chronic illness can sometimes leave you feeling quite helpless or wishing there was more that you could do. Reiki compliments traditional medicine and you can use Reiki to help your pet alongside any medications or treatments that your pet needs.

  1. Strengthening your bond

Reiki is a great way to help strengthen the bond you have with your pet. Taking time out to focus on them and provide the soothing touch of Reiki really is quality bonding time. Reiki can also be a great way to help you bond with a new pet, whether that be a young animal such as a puppy or a rescue pet that you have adopted into your family.

  1. Helping with animals that have experienced trauma

Unfortunately, some animals do not have the best start in life and suffer physical or mental abuse. Fortunately, through rescue centres some animals do get a second chance in life and the opportunity to be happy with new loving owners. Reiki is a great way to work on relaxation with rescue pets that have anxiety and also work on their overall health and wellbeing through chakra balancing.

  1. Sending distant Reiki when your pets aren’t with you

Sending your pet distant Reiki is just as effective as performing Reiki in person and you will probably find yourself using this method more often than you think! For example, imagine your cat is having knee surgery at the vet’s, or you have left your rabbit with a loved one whilst you enjoy a holiday abroad – you can send them Reiki wherever you are.

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