What Are The Most Common UK Pets?

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What Are The Most Common UK Pets?

The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers, but what are the most common UK pets? There’s a long history behind this reputation. The world’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), was founded in London all the way back in 1824. The launch of the RSPCA followed a period of increased conversation in society about the use of animals for sport, scientific experiments and hauling heavy loads.

Today there is an estimated 51 million pets in the UK. When you consider that there are around 66 million people in the UK it’s clear that we really do love our furry, feathered and finned friends. In a 2018 Pet Census carried out by Petplan, 41% of people said that their pet is their best friend, with half of people surveyed saying that they had made at least one change to their work routine to suit their pets.

the most common uk pets

The Most Common UK Pets

So, which pets come out on top in this nation of pet lovers? A report by the PFMA in 2019 gave us a peak at the percentage of households that had a pet, this included:

Animal % of households with that pet
Dogs 25%
Cats 17%
Rabbits 1%
Indoor birds 1%
Guinea pigs 1%
Hamsters 1%
Tortoises and turtles 0.7%
Lizards 0.6%
Domestic Fowl 0.4%
Snakes 0.4%
Horses and Ponies 0.3%
Rats 0.1%
Insects 0.1%
Pigeons 0.1%
Frogs and Toads 0.1%

Is this what you expected?

Having more than one pet is popular too

Of course many households may have more than one type of pet. For example one family might have a cat, dog and a pet budgie all under one roof. Indeed the Petplan Census revealed that this was quite common, they found that 31% of pet owners had both a dog and a cat. They also found that 81% of horse owners also had at least one dog. We really do love our pets!

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